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Swimming pontoon ECO

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Top Marine product range expanded by a new and innovative swimming pontoon. 

The product has been developed as a more economic and simple alternative to the old swimming pontoon and is especially suitable for people interested in DIY construction. Transporting is easy and installation simple. The new swimming pontoon is designed mainly for the swimming areas of inland waters. From the standard pontoon modules anyone can build a pontoon with the suitable shape and size, or a bridge across a river. With new floats it is also possible to build long access bridges to locations where the water level remains low for longer periods and the depth sufficient for swimming is a long way from the shore.The swimming pontoon uses new durable plastic floats with the bearing capacity of 400 kg. The dimensionsof the deep-impregnated and profiled boarding is 2 x 4 m. The dimensions of the access bridge are 0.8 x 4 m. 

The pontoon is connected with the land either with screw piles or a concrete abutment, depending on the type of soil.

The accessories available are: rails, mooring rings, fenders, swimming ladders and furniture.

The product is easy to assemble and in locations with no ice movement the bridge can remain in the water over winter.


Prislista 2016


Technical specifications of the swimming pontoon ECO:


Bearing capacity (kN/m2) 

Plastic floats ECO2x400l
Freeboard (m)0,3
Weight of the pontoon (kg)254
Dimensions of pontoon (m)2,0 x 4
Dimensions of access bridge (m)0,8 x 4
AbutmentAbutment on screw piles/ concrete abutment
AnchoringConcrete anchors with chains or pile fastening