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Swimming pontoons

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The standard modules of the swimming pontoon can be used to construct a pontoon with the suitable dimensions and shape. The pontoon modules is  easy to transport and install. The pontoon is anchored with the help of an abutment and concrete anchors. The standard length of the pontoon module is 4 metres, width is 1,4 meters and the freeboard is 0,3 to 0,35 meters.

The strong framework of the pontoon is made of deep-impregnated softwood and the boarding has been profiled to prevent slipping. The rotational moulded plastic floats are resistant to sunlight and winter-ice. The pontoon will be connected to the abutment by an access bridge. The abutment will be secured using screw piles of concrete blocks

The pontoon can be used as a swimming pontoon and for mooring light boats at the shallow and wind protected sites. Various accessories are also available: rails, mooring rings, fenders, swimming ladders, lighting, tables and benches





Technical spesifications of the swimming pontoons: 


Item code011001200130
Bearing capacity (kN/m2)0,661,141,62
Plastic floats4x2206x2208x220
Weight of the pontoon (kg)320350380
Max. wave height (m)0,2
Max. flow velocity (m/sek)1
Permissible freezingNo ice movement
Dimensions of pontoon (m)2,4 x 4
Dimensions of access bridge (m)  1,2 x 4
AbutmentConcrete abutment /abutment on screw piles
Anchoring chain (mm)10 
Anchoring200kg concrete anchors /screw piles